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comprehensive technical upgrade

 kelin took the lead in introducing european advanced quality control management systems and produced excellent products for users far above the standards of their domestic counterparts. we will comprehensively upgrade technology, provide customers with higher value-added products and services, and strive to achieve european standards for chinese manufacturing.

international standard
as a leading brand in the global carpentry environmental protection industry, denmark's jkf and kelin have jointly launched environmental protection issues for the furniture manufacturing industry and have put together a perfectly applicable new environmental protection concept.
green factory   service more than 1,000 enterprises, 100% pass rate and satisfaction
 green ecological factory
kelin response to the call of the global green economy, strict implementation of the national 2017 latest environmental policy. for enterprises to enhance the environmental protection from the root causes of manufacturing capacity, breaking the bottleneck of energy consumption and waste disposal.
 100% pass rate
kelin group has provided a safe and efficent environment protection program for more than 1000 enterprises, and has 100% pass rate and satisfaction, with the data and the facts for the user to pay a satisfactory answer.
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