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[  central dust removal  ]
starting from the source of dust, it is almost suitable for dust disposal in all industrial sectors. aiming at the dust removal efficiency of more than 99%, the best dust removal effect can be achieved.
  • ndustrial application
  • process principle
  • equipment technical
  • safety configuration

according to the different properties of dust, use the different filter material,apply to almost all industrial industry. in application ,dust removal efficient is over 99%, have the best dust removal efficiency.

capture dust the dust produced by each dust collection point will be collected and transported into the settlement trough through the suction pipe network.
settlement and transportation the heavy powder is deposited to the bottom of the tank and discharged into the high pressure conveying pipe (mini conveying trough) by the constant pressure settling tank discharge system.
re separation the light and fine dust enters the bag filter and is separated again.
filtration discharge the filtered clean air passes through the filter bag and is discharged by the fan. dust filtered and separated is deposited to the lower cone.
conveyer silo the unloading system is discharged to the mini scraper and transported to the storage bin for    storage.
packing treatment when the storehouse reaches a certain amount of storage, it is handled manually.
pulse bag filter dust collector
mckl is specifically designed to recycle dust from the production of wood products, paints, plastics, etc. for fine dust removal efficiency ≥ 99%, the dust concentration has meet the national emission standards. the dust collector filter system adopts the standard module. the original air volume can increase if the factory need larger air volume.
constant pressure trough
the conveying trough is standard modular assembly structure ,the main body of it is made of high quality galvanized sheet, which is made by high precision cnc equipment, it can be lengthened or shortened or decomposed in a convenient way according to require whicj may transformate dust collection pipe network in the future, can adapt the production process and the change of dust air volume demand.
torage silo is an efficient economic and practical strong dust storage device, it's small size, simple structure,low fault rate and tolerance, high dust removal efficiency, etc.
the main fan is specially designed according to the woodworking industry, the fan blade is unique designed according to each different project, the impeller adopts the backward curved wing streamline design, which ensure every system operate efficiently and mostly save electricity energy.
intelligent control system
in addition to the basic energy-saving function, the control system is equipped with a device operation detection system and a one-button intelligent control such as the self-developed gsm information feedback system, which solves the cumbersome manual operation.
dusting safety housekeeper
kelin group cooperate with grecon company, installation the grecon spark detection and extinguishing system on the dust removal system has greatly reduced the risk of spark to the dust removal system.
fire damper grecon accessories disk
flame explosion grecon reactive gas fire extinguishing system
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