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security manager
technology r&d
kelin has the largest r&d team in the industry and cooperates with danish jkf to introduce the world’s most advanced dust removal technology. the design standards use the automotive industry(ts16949) to require the dust collector industry standards.
safe design
the environment protection system design strictly according to the dust explosion standards. mr feng guishen, who is also the drafter of safety specification for dedusting system used in dust explosion hazardous area, was appointed as the chief engineer of kelin, and strictly controlled the environmental protection system of kelin.
energy saving
unique air volume, wind pressure detection, and monitoring the use of a full set of system air volume for precision frequency control technology. we can effective adjust the demand according to the amount of use, energy saving more than 80%.
the entire system uses siemens for intelligent control and can remotely change programs and debug equipment. the required maintenance of the system and critical drive maintenance parts can effectively control and remind the function.
for dust emission concentration, filtration system pressure detection, bag resistance detection, inlet and outlet air pressure and flow monitoring in real time, and can directly connected to computers and other management software.
module design
for the furniture companies future development needs, the original layout changes, increase equipment, replace equipment or plant relocation needs. our environment protection system can be arbitrarily increase based on the customer’s needs.
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