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three core service system
kelin group launch three unique core service system in dust removal industry to full service support, from the installation, commissioning, operation of the machine, all precision planning, repeated scrutiny, we have the absolute belief that the customer will proud of kelin and we deserve it.
project management system
the special project team is led by project manager, including the positions of factory worker, security officer, and material officer. the project manager is responsible for presiding over and coordinating the entire construction process and production planing, quality...
quality management system
the special project team is led by manager, which includes technical responsible person, construction worker,quality inspector, material member, and job leader. the team responsible for the project quality, the implementation of process handover system.
engineering supervision system
the special project team consists of project manager, technical person in charge, and full time qc member,responsible for project quality and safety, supervise according to the current national standards,a safety score standard, check the assessment and acceptance of sub-project quality, ensure the smooth implementation of each procedure.
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