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project execution process
overall advantage of the project
the largest design team in the industry has 30 design engineers from all over the world, with professional skills and rich experience.
the unique technical advantage is combined with abb frequency conversion technology, and energy saving control is always strengthened during operation.
in strict accordance with the international industrial environmental standards for acceptance, harmful gas, dust and other effective barrier clearance.
for furniture, wooden door, cupboard, custom wardrobe, floor, sofa, decoration industry and other pan home application of the different products to design.
project quality service

our service team trained by suppliers will support equipment maintenance, maintenance and repair with the shortest time and fastest speed.

01 professional equipment installation plan
02 guidance senior experts
03 regular and preventive on-site survey services
04 professional maintenance plan
05 production process support and equipment      refurbishing and relocating

project project case
technical consultation
central dust removal system  mr luo ( senior engineer)
telephone:12346555789  q q:695419926  wechat:695419926
central dust removal system  mr luo ( senior engineer)
tel:12346555789  q q:695419926  wechat:695419926
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