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[  dust free painting room  ]
dust-free painting room system takes the standard index of 100% as the only acceptance standard.
  • ndustrial application
  • process principle
  • equipment technical
  • safety configuration

dust-free painting room system takes the standard index of 100% as the only acceptance standard.

1.the equipment is made up of the following system:


2.room body : reinforced colored steel rock wool sandwich board(426#,t50mm,80g), with two steel strips in the middle, laminated color zinc plate (0.426mm) flame .

nowadays, people have more strict decoration requirements, higher taste, higher requirement on painting decorative materials . customers put forward higher requirements on the color of the opposite paint, appearance decorative, luster, full degree, fresh, weather resistance, chemical resistance and physical properties, etc., also requires high quality paint construction scheme.

high gloss paint room
spray paint room to achieve clean room, air supply system filtration accuracy of 10um or less; emission system dust, oil, oil residue purification rate of 95% or more; water curtain circulation system without pump, to avoid water system diesel; the flow rate in the room is controlled in the range of 0.3-0.7 m / s to ensure that the body temperature and humidity; the exhaust gas treatment can increase in later period, without any auxiliary equipment.
dry spray paint
maze dry spray booth is different with wet spray booth, the wind pressure of fan is low that can make the system energy saving. compare to wet spray booth ,the dry one no required to do waste water treatment , can save the cost of regularly change water and water pump electricity cost.
drying room
according to the requirements of paint drying room operation, the relevant product category, paint properties and the optimum temperature environment needed for drying products, in the condition that the heating equipment is high efficiency, safe and reliable, and low operating cost, the air energy heat pump is selected, use the principle of air conditioning compressor and the whole drying process flow is completed by using the air supply and reflux cycle.
dusting safety housekeeper
kelin group cooperate with grecon company, installation the grecon spark detection and extinguishing system on the dust removal system has greatly reduced the risk of spark to the dust removal system.
fire damper grecon accessories disk
flame explosion grecon reactive gas fire extinguishing system
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