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customer return visit | recognition, is kelin forward the biggest power
  information guide : deep cooperation and shared prosperity are the most sincere pursuit of kelin. the recognition of customers is the biggest driving force of kelin

for a long time, kelin has focused on friendly cooperation with customers, ensuring quality and service, and cherishing credibility, thus winning the trust and support of customers around the world.

deep cooperation, sharing prosperity, is the most sincere pursuit of kelin.

visit customers, visit to understand the use of customer equipment, give timely and effective maintenance and guidance.

the customer's approval, is kelin's biggest impetus.

real understanding of the use of customers, is to pay attention to customers

 to truly visit customer factories, real inspection of the use of staff equipment, the use of professional instruments to detect the emission of equipment, etc., are the environmental return visit of corin must do. corin believes that only sincere service to customers can produce greater value for enterprises.


customer's affirmation of the use of equipment is our approval

●  quality assurance is the cornerstone of long-term development.

● project management system



●  quality management system


●  engineering supervision system



after-sales maintenance of daily equipment is the greatest guarantee of safety

●  regular after-sales skills training to strengthen the quality of comprehensive after-sales service. make clear the importance of equipment after-sales service, improve the after-sales professional knowledge as a whole, and adopt the strengthening mode of "experience sharing field experience practice summary ". committed to create a "not chaos, technical standards, quick problem-solving" after-sales team.


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