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hand in hand | corin helps enterprises resume production
  information guide : corin environmental protection to provide quality after-sales service, so that enterprises in a safe and orderly resumption of production, together with the rapid economic recovery of enterprises

because of the outbreak of the epidemic, the plan of the home industry years ago was pressed "pause key ", 

the home industry is facing a severe challenge, the home industry must meet the challenge,

break through the epidemic winter, can usher in the industry recovery and opportunity.


the first time to start testing plant site equipment operation, to ensure the safe operation of equipment to help home enterprises to resume production.

▲inspection of huizhou mingbo production base

    ▲after-sales service report records

      real understanding of the customer situation, is the importance of customers.

      the customer's affirmation of the use of the equipment is the recognition of the environmental protection of corin.

       daily equipment after-sale maintenance, is the greatest guarantee of safety.

       upgrade after-sales service to create a"don't mess things up, meet technical standards and solve problems quickly"after-sales team.

the epidemic is a crisis; but behind it is a turnaround.

no winter can not pass, no spring will not come, through the winter, oncoming will be a turn.

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