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【cohesion and concentration • challenge a new starting point】
  information guide : 2020科霖集团年度战略规划研讨会圆满成功

spring is blooming and the earth is recovering. as the epidemic situation has gradually improved, in order to better serve customers, kelin group held the 2020 kelin group annual strategic planning seminar on april 2 at the jiangxi kelin manufacturing base.

part 参观工厂

walked into the workshop and approached production.

under the leadership of jiangxi kelin deputy general manager liu kehua and jiangxi kelin manufacturing department director xie jiajun, guangdong kelin colleagues conducted a field visit and study at the jiangxi kelin manufacturing base to comprehensively explain pipeline manufacturing, fan manufacturing, sheet metal manufacturing, etc. workshop production process.

part 培训管理

this training specially invited mr. zhao mingzhi, the founder of shenzhen bangqisheng investment management consulting co., ltd., to train the management staff of kelin group on "king self-management"; the teacher used "slim family to govern the country and the world" as an entry point, and vividly explain the core values of life planning with the word "wang", it won applause from the audience.

part  战略规划研讨会message from the chairman

chairman zeng guangwen summarized the past ten years of the kelin group and deployed the key tasks and new goals of the kelin group for the next ten years. he pointed out the importance of the reforms proposed at this meeting.

announce 2020 sales plan

executive president zeng guangcai made a summary of kerin group's 2019 operating status, focusing on sales target completion rate, old customer repurchase rate, new customer development, etc., and set a military order for the 2020 sales target.

read the appointment information

kelin group adjusts the personnel structure. chairman mr. zeng guangwen and ceo mr. zeng guangcai appoint management



interpretation of 2020 capacity plan

jiangxi kelin deputy general manager liu kehua gave a detailed interpretation of how to achieve the 2020 production capacity plan target, with the customer as the center and on-time delivery as the goal, becoming a one-stop external environmental protection equipment supply platform.

jiangxi kelin manufacturing base has complete and modernized production equipment. the main product series include: cnc products, pipeline products, hvac products, fans, coating products, explosion vents and explosion-proof safety supervision products.

deepen 2020 operation plan

lai jixiang, deputy general manager of guangdong kelin, made a detailed interpretation of how to achieve the 2020 kelin group's sales target, and put forward the "three" operation management.

group management,unified resource integration, sharing of complementary advantages, assistance, economies of scale。

brand operation,on the basis of building a strong brand enterprise, better exert the expansion function of the strong brand, promote the production and operation of products, and realize the long-term growth of the enterprise and the value-added of the enterprise

regional operation,5 branches (east china, north china, south china, southwest, central china) and 20 agents regionalized operation coverage, more efficient service to customers。


we are grateful for our customers' support for colin, our support for environmental protection in the era, and our colleagues for their hard work. in 2020, we are standing at a new starting point, highlighting our existing advantages, evolving potential strength, and creating high-quality conditions. let us unite together, redouble our efforts, and create a better future together!






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