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world environment day | kelin environmental protection is in action for a cleaner world
  information guide : let's start! for our better and healthier future, we will protect nature, protect the environment and protect our common homeland together.

world environment day on june 5, 2020 focuses on "biodiversity" and the theme is "caring for nature and urgently". it is one of the main media for the united nations to promote global environmental awareness, increase government attention to environmental issues and take action.

due to the impact of human activities in nature, 1 million species are on the verge of extinction, locust plagues threaten agriculture, large-scale deaths of coral reefs, and frequent outbreaks of zoonotic diseases... this special period we are currently experiencing is precisely what nature is knocking against us to sound the alarm, we need to take immediate action to protect biodiversity and protect ourselves.


the theme of the deployment of the ministry of ecology and environment of my country continues to use "beautiful china, i am an actor", aiming to promote the active participation of all walks of life and the general public in the construction of ecological civilization, working together to protect our homeland.

build a global green economy and protect green homes


we insist on protecting green manufacturing with chuang, and comprehensively improve the quality of products and services. from dust control, to dust-free spray booths, to vocs management, we provide professional manufacturing, mature products and perfect services for industrial manufacturing. safe, more efficient and more energy-saving environmental protection solutions help companies to break through the bottleneck of environmental protection production and achieve green manufacturing; for more than a decade, more than 1,000 well-known companies have enjoyed kelin's environmental protection services, making a contribution to china's air pollution control to improve the living environment of the homeland together; kelin strives for the free breathing of each life, the blue sky above each film, and the ecosystem of each city.


kelin will continue to innovate, adhere to the concept of green development, cooperate with major industry partners, actively participate in the battle of air pollution control, provide customers with a green and environmentally friendly production environment, strive to fulfill social responsibilities and missions, and build a beautiful city. provide green security and contribute to the construction of a beautiful china with "blue sky, green land and clean water".



join me and declare war on pollution

building a beautiful china with sky blue, green ground and clear water

beautiful world, you and i share

beautiful china also needs you and me to build together!

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