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true feelings warm people's hearts
  information guide : kelin hangs the warmth and coldness of his employees in his heart, thinking about what his employees think and worrying about what his employees want, so that every employee can truly appreciate the company's love.

on the morning of june 8, the kelin group organized a donation ceremony for tuo xinliang, a difficult employee, at the headquarters. the group's chairman, president, general manager, heads of departments, and employees generously donated money, donated enthusiastically, and love spread everywhere in the group.

tuo xinliang, who came to work in the group in february 2016, is an engineer in the after-sales service department. during his 5 years in the group, he was proactive, dedicated, and sincere and enthusiastic, and was well received by customers and colleagues.

there is an unpredictable situation in the sky, and people will be banished. the bad news came on june 5, 2020. tuo xinliang's father was diagnosed with lymphoma and faced with huge medical expenses of nearly one hundred thousand, which caused the family who was not economically rich to suddenly fall into trouble. after the group leaders learned of this incident, in order to help this unfortunate family facing difficulties, they immediately issued an initiative to all the employees of the group, hoping that all employees would extend a helping hand to support the troubled tuo xinliang and his family. blue sky.

love is silent, there is endless love in the world. once the initiative is issued, the majority of colleagues responded actively and donated actively. all departments, bases and branches formed a "sea of love" for a time. 50 yuan, 100 yuan, 200 yuan... the actual action has brought warmth and love to the families of colleagues who have encountered misfortune, once again highlighting the "people-oriented, emotion-oriented" and "big love without boundaries, true love forever" of the kelin people. kindness.


the money is generous, love is priceless! love can condense strength and can also create miracles. i hope that dad can recover quickly and be healthy!


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